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IMAGE : Hickory Run Boulder Field

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News & Events

  • Spring seminar is held 3 pm Fridays in Beury 305.
  • Welcome to the eight new graduate students who joined the department fall 2016!
  • The department just received an NSF Geopath Education grant to improve recruitment of urban geoscientists. Learn more at the project website.
  • Looking for a job? Students and alumni should check out EES Connection.
  • Faculty & students travelled to Alasaka, Australia, South Africa, New Mexico, Portugal, and Italy this summer in addition to conducting research here in Pennyslvania
  • Students interested the graduate program should contact relevant advisor and apply by February 1, 2017.
  • Donations to the field camp fund can be made in memory of Professor Gene Ulmer. Use code S4331 or "Ulmer Undergraduate Student Fund" in the memorandum on checks.