Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science (EES) at Temple University is to conduct cutting edge, externally-funded research and train professional geoscientists for employment in research, teaching, policy-making institutions and governmental agencies.

As the human population has grown and become more technologically advanced, anthropogenic activities have produced progressively greater effects on the environment. At the same time, increased concentration of the population in urban areas near coasts and in floodplains and geologically hazardous areas has rendered humans more vulnerable to the effects of environmental pollution and natural hazards such as floods, tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tropical cyclones, and sea-level rise. These issues require scientists with essential training and skills to conduct state of the art scientific research, educate the public, and inform ensuing policy decisions in areas such as urban geosciences, planetary and Earth systems, climate change, coastal processes, and development of environmentally responsible alternate energy resources.

EES offers a broadly-based educational experience that encompasses theoretical, quantitative, and applied aspects of geology and environmental science. Our classes and research laboratories provide undergraduate and graduate students with practical laboratory and field experiences that prepare them to successfully enter the workforce or pursue advanced degrees. Students graduating from the EES program demonstrate qualities of academic excellence, integrity in their scholarship, and the capacity for independent, original research. The department excels in meeting the needs of minorities and a diverse student body.