• Adjunct Instructor
  • Department of Earth and Environmental Science
  • Temple University

Stephen Patrick Peterson

I am a Professional Geologist with GEI Consultants Inc (GEI), a leading geotechnical and environmental consulting firm in the United States and Canada, as well as an adjunct professor here in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science (EES).  My responsibilities at my present position at GEI include conducting bedrock well installation oversight, field testing, analyzing results, construction oversight, environmental systems operation and maintenance, and quality assurance and quality control.  I am experienced in working on large scale private redevelopment and public infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I completed my master’s degree in Geology here at Temple University where I studied lead and other heavy metal contamination in the soils of Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, the largest inner-city park system in the United States.  This area of heavy metal deposition, mobilization/ re-mobilization, and potential exposure pathways continues to be my field of academic research.

 I have been and adjunct professor here at Temple University since 2015, and I have been working in the field of Geology and Environmental consulting since 2010.