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Recent Theses

Student, Degree, Year Advisor Project
Naomi Morgan, MS, 2021 L. Toran Dual isotope analysis of denitrification in stormwater basins
Kyle Collins, MS, 2021 L. Toran Geophysical, hydrologic, and sedimentological analysis for assessing sediment accumulation and infiltration rates in urban stormwater basins
JoAnna Marlow, MS, 2021 A. Davatzes Sources of uncertainty in remote stratigraphic observations
Paula Araneda Noboa, MS, 2021 S. Chemtob Dry oxidation of ferrous and mixed-valence smectites and its implications for the oxidative history of Mars
Katrina Korman, PhD, 2020 A. Davatzes Sedimentation Surrounding the Neoarchean Paraburdoo Spherule Layer, Western Australia
Boyoung Song, PhD, 2020 B. Kim Geochemical behavior of low valence manganese oxides: Effects of structural impurity and secondary mineral
John Gallucci, MS, 2020 D. Terry Controls on soft tissue and cellular preservation in Late Eocene and Oligocene Vertebrate fossils of the White River and Arikaree Groups
Alexander Roccaro, MS, 2020 A. Muto Seismic spot soundings reveal deep bathymetry and thick water column between Crosson and Dotson Ice Shelves, West Antarctica
Justin Morris, MS, 2020 S. Chemtob Effects of microtextural interaction of organics and silica on silica diagenesis
Nolan Barrette, MS, 2020 A. Muto Seismic investivation of the morphology of a tunnel channel of the Green Bay Lobe, Wisconsin, USA
Chris Elofson, MS, 2019 B. Kim Proton-promoted and electron transfer dissolution of nano-sized hausmannite: Implications for chromium and manganese cycling in surficial environments
P. Drew Spake, MS, 2019 N. Davatzes Geothermal Exploration North of Mount St. Helens
Alexis Nowatka, MS, 2019 B. Kim Evaluation of Small Unilamellar Vesicles as a Removal Method of Benzo[A]Pyrene from Humic Substances in Soils
James Berglund, PhD 2019 L. Toran Karst aquifer recharge and conduit flow dynamics from high-resolution monitoring and transport modeling in central Pennsylvania springs
Elizabeth Cushman, MS, 2019 L. Toran Concentration of suspended solids and nutrients in overland flow in suburban Philadelphia watersheds
William Burger, MS, 2019 S. Ravi Spatial analysis of post-fire sediment redistribution using rare earth element tracers
Chong Seok Choi, MS, 2019 S. Ravi Combined land use of solar infrastructure and agriculture for socioeconomic and environmental co-benefits
Vince Carsillo, MS, 2018 L. Toran Monitoring Stormwater Infiltration in a Vacant Lot Comparing Time-Lapse Electromagnetic Induction and Electrical Resistivity Tomography
Erika Goldsmith, MS, 2018 A. Tumarkin-Deratzian Bone Histology and Geochemical Taphonomy of Arctic Centrosaurine Ceratopsids from the Kikak-Tegoseak Quarry (North Slope, Alaska)
Victoria Rivera-Banuchi, MS, 2018 S. Chemtob Ultraviolet Photooxidation and O2 Chemical Oxidation of Fe2+ Smectites and Implications for Mars
Christopher Sparacio, MS, 2018 I. Buynevich Morphometry And Indicative Meaning Of Blue Land Crab (Cardisoma Guanhumi) Burrows
Chelsea N. Kanaley, MS, 2018 L. Toran Turbidity and Nutrient Response to Storm Events in the Wissahickon Creek, Suburban Philadelphia, PA
David Dukes, MS, 2017 S. Ravi Quantifying post-fire aeolian sediment transport using rare earth element tracers
Emma Young, MS, 2017 A. Muto Determining the ability of terrestrial time-lapse microgravity surveying on a glacier to find summer mass balance using gravitational modeling
Karen Kopcznski, MS, 2017 I. Buynevich Bioturbation in supratidal carbonates: georadar characterization of the patterns and structure of decapod burrows
Shannon Hibbard, MS, 2017 A. Davatzes Trace Element Geochemistry of Compositionally Layered Impact Spherules
Ken Schlosser, MS, 2017 L. Toran Monitoring infiltration from natural storms using time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography
Emily Arnold, MS, 2016 L. Toran Evaluation of urban riparian buffers on stream health in the Tookany watershed, PA
Roselyne Laboso, MS, 2016 N. Davatzes Fault-controlled damage and permeability at the Brady geothermal system, Nevada, USA
Allison Shackelton, MS, 2016 D. Terry Regional and stratigraphic variability of microwear on the molars of Leptomeryx from Eocene-Oligocene strata of Wyoming and Nebraska
Paul Zarella, MS, 2016 J. Nyquist Using geophysics and terrestrial LiDAR to assess stormwter parameters in vacant lots in Philadelphia
Olivia Wells, MS, 2015 N. Davatzes The evolution of fracture surface roughness and its dependence on slip
Chris Oest, MS, 2017 D. Terry Paleopedology and fluvial sedimentology of the Upper Devonian Catskill Formation, Central Pennsylvania: A test of the distributive fluvial system mode
Haley Rodack, MS, 2015 L. Toran Using fracture flow modeling to understand the effectiveness of pump and treat remediation in dual permeability media
Trevor Klein, MS, 2015 L. Toran Investigating nitrate attenuation in an urban stream using stable isotope geochemistry and continuous monitoring
Lacey Pitman, MS, 2014 J. Nyquist Ground-penetrating radar images of a dye tracer test within the unsaturated zone at the Susquehanna-Shale Hills CZO
Irina Beal, MS, 2014 I. Buynevich Event sedimentology and hydrodynamic hindcasting of storm surge deposits: Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey
Stephen Peterson, MS, 2014 D. Terry The Geologic, Geomorphic and Geographic Influence on Lead and Other Heavy Metals In the Soils of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Logan Wiest, MS, 2014 I. Buynevich Ichnology of the K/Pg interval: Endobenthic response to large-scale environmental disturbance
Justin Roth, MS, 2014 N. Davatzes Investigating the volume and structure of porosity in fractured and unfractured rocks from the Newberry Volcano, Oregon: An evaluation and comparison of two- and three-dimensional methods
William Lukens, MS, 2013 D. Terry Paleopedology and paleogeomorphology of the early Oligocene Orella and Whitney members, Brule Formation, White River Group, Toadstool Geologic Park, Nebraska
Steven Booty, MS, 2013 D. Terry Paleopedology of the Late Trassic Middle Passaic Formation, Newark Supergroup, Pottstown, PA
Joseph Frederickson, MS, 2013 Tumarkin-Deratzian Craniofacial Ontogeny in Centrosaurus apertus
Andrew Bentley, MS, 2013 I. Buynevich Characterizing subsurface complexity of aeolian morphotypes with GEORADAR
Michael Swyer, MS, 2013 N. Davatzes Evaluating the Role of the Rhyolite Ridge Fault System in the Desert Peak Geothermal Field, NV: Boundary Element Modeling of Fracture Potential in Proximity of Fault Slip
Amanda Drewicz, MS, 2012 D. Terry Quantifying Periods of Diffusion in Marine and Nonmarine Vertebrates Using Rare Earth Elements
Alyssa Finlay, MS, 2012 D. Grandstaff Dissolution Kinetics of Bioapatite from pH 2 to 8 at 4 to 38 C
C. Bryan Narwich, MS, 2012 I. Buynevich Reconstruction of a Relict Inlet System and Historical Storm Signatures along Southern Assateague Island, Maryland
David O'Donnell, MS, 2012 L. Toran Field and modeling study of the effects of stream depth and ground water discharge on hydrogephysical characterization of hyporheic zone in an urban stream