Recent Theses

Graduate Theses

Student, Year Advisor Project
Shannon Hibbard 2017 A. Davatzes Trace Element Geochemistry of Compositionally Layered Impact Spherules
Ken Schlosser 2017 Toran Monitoring infiltration from natural storms using time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography
Emily Arnold 2016 Toran Evaluation of urban riparian buffers on stream health in the Tookany watershed, PA
Roselyne Laboso 2016 N. Davatzes Fault-controlled damage and permeability at the Brady geothermal system, Nevada, USA
Allison Shackelton 2016 Terry Regional and stratigraphic variability of microwear on the molars of Leptomeryx from Eocene-Oligocene strata of Wyoming and Nebraska
Paul Zarella 2016 Nyquist Using geophysics and terrestrial LiDAR to assess stormwter parameters in vacant lots in Philadelphia
Olivia Wells 2015 N. Davatzes The evolution of fracture surface roughness and its dependence on slip
Chris Oest 2017 Terry Paleopedology and fluvial sedimentology of the Upper Devonian Catskill Formation, Central Pennsylvania: A test of the distributive fluvial system mode
Haley Rodack 2015 Toran Using fracture flow modeling to understand the effectiveness of pump and treat remediation in dual permeability media
Trevor Klein 2015 Toran Investigating nitrate attenuation in an urban stream using stable isotope geochemistry and continuous monitoring
Lacey Pitman 2014 Nyquist Ground-penetrating radar images of a dye tracer test within the unsaturated zone at the Susquehanna-Shale Hills CZO
Arian Miranda 2016 Allison Tumarkin-Deraztzian Vertebrate microfossils of the late Cretaceous Lance Formation of Montana
Irina Beal 2014 Buynevich Event sedimentology and hydrodynamic hindcasting of storm surge deposits: Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey
Stephen Peterson 2014 Terry The Geologic, Geomorphic and Geographic Influence on Lead and Other Heavy Metals In the Soils of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Logan Wiest 2014 Buynevich Ichnology of the K/Pg interval: Endobenthic response to large-scale environmental disturbance
Justin Roth 2014 N. Davatzes Investigating the volume and structure of porosity in fractured and unfractured rocks from the Newberry Volcano, Oregon: An evaluation and comparison of two- and three-dimensional methods
William Lukens 2013 Terry Paleopedology and paleogeomorphology of the early Oligocene Orella and Whitney members, Brule Formation, White River Group, Toadstool Geologic Park, Nebraska
Steven Booty 2013 Terry Paleopedology of the Late Trassic Middle Passaic Formation, Newark Supergroup, Pottstown, PA
Joseph Frederickson 2013 Tumarkin-Deratzian Craniofacial Ontogeny in Centrosaurus apertus
Andrew Bentley 2013 Buynevich Characterizing subsurface complexity of aeolian morphotypes with GEORADAR
Michael Swyer 2013 N. Davatzes Evaluating the Role of the Rhyolite Ridge Fault System in the Desert Peak Geothermal Field, NV: Boundary Element Modeling of Fracture Potential in Proximity of Fault Slip
Amanda Drewicz 2012 Terry Quantifying Periods of Diffusion in Marine and Nonmarine Vertebrates Using Rare Earth Elements
Alyssa Finlay 2012 Grandstaff Dissolution Kinetics of Bioapatite from pH 2 to 8 at 4 to 38 C
C. Bryan Narwich 2012 Buynevich Reconstruction of a Relict Inlet System and Historical Storm Signatures along Southern Assateague Island, Maryland
David O'Donnell 2012 Toran Field and modeling study of the effects of stream depth and ground water discharge on hydrogephysical characterization of hyporheic zone in an urban stream