NEWS 2016


Welcome to the incoming graduate students for fall 2016! Eight new students joined the department this fall.

NEWS: 2015

  • Facutly members Laura Toran and Allison Tumarkin-Deratzian added to our growing number of faculty teaching awards this fall.
  • The Department launched the new Ph.D. program Fall 2015, welcoming 3 Ph.D. candidates in addition to 5 masters students.
  • GradStudents
  • The department purchased a new Brucker Advance XRD instrument this fall.
  • The department continues to grow and hired two new faculty staring in Fall 2015: Steven Chemtob who specializes in weathering and diagenesis and Atsu Muto, a Polar Geophysicist. Welcome them to the dept!
  • Congratulations to undergrads Ashley Newman, who won a best poster award at the CST URP Symposium, and Chris Conwell, who won SEPM best poster at the National GSA meeting.
  • We received sad news that Emeritus Professor Dr. Gene Ulmer passed away Sept. 18, 2015. Gene was a driving force in our department for decades.  An accomplished researcher and teacher, Gene cared intensely about students and established the Gene C. Ulmer Student Fund to help undergraduates pay for field camp. Donations can be made to the fund in memoriam. Use code S4331 or "Ulmer Undergraduate Student Fund" in the memorandum on checks.
  • Gene
  • We completed a successful crowdsource campaign as well as the annual jewelry sale to raise over $4000 to support a record number of students attending geology field camp this past summer.



NEWS: 2014

  • The department welcomes Sujith Ravi who joins the faculty this fall as an assistant professor in ecohydrology.
  • The department has two new winners of CST teaching awards this fall: David Grandstaff and Ilya Buynevich. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of fantastic EES instructors!
  • Dr George Myer announced his retirement at the end of the fall 2014 semester. Come celebrate his career Dec 12 5pm in the 3rd floor lobby.
  • The Department will launch a new Ph.D. program in Fall 2015. Students interested should contact relevant advisor and apply by February 1, 2015.
  • Nick Swartz won the first annual Rick Valentino Memorial teaching assistant award.
  • The department was saddened to learn of the death of former faculty member John Adams in March. John was one of the first members of the department when it began in the 1960's and mentored many students through the mid-nineties when he retired.


NEWS: 2013

  • The department was saddened by the death of long-time instructor Rick Valentino (BA '83, MA '92) on Nov 17, 2013. A teaching award is being established in his honor. You can donate online or by mailing a check using the gift code: Rick Valentino EO334
  • Alix Davatzes won the Dean's Outstanding Teaching award this year. Congratulations!
  • New faculty member. Dr Bojeong Kim joined the department. Dr. Kim conducts research on nanoparticles and metal-metal interactions at active mineral surfaces. She will be teaching courses in the areas of environmental mineralogy, biogeochemistry, environmental toxicology/ecotoxicology, and analytical instrumentation.
  • The Department sent half a dozen students to GSA in Denver for presentations.
  • Temple hosted a TEDx event to talk about science. See the videos, including EES professor Laura Toran.

NEWS: 2012

  • We had a banner year for awards with Nick Davatzes winning the College Outstanding Mentor award, Natalie Flynn winning a CST Teaching Award, graduate student Bill Lukens winning a College TA award, and Laura Toran winning a University Service award. For a small department, we are out in front on excellence!
  • A record number of students attended field camp, fourteen in all. Our major continues to grow.
  • The department had over a dozen presentation at the GSA meeting in Charlotte, including two undergraduates speaking in sessions.


NEWS: 2011

  • The department turned 50 years old! Our department founder, Dr. Alice Weeks, started many traditions which continue today. A brief history presentation was provided to the department, but any alumni with more stories, please contact Laura Toran.
  • The department recently received a generous award from the AIPG to help support undergraduate activities (field trips, research, student field camp awards). A big thanks goes to Dennis Pennington of
    the Pennsylvania chapter for his sponsorship of the department AIPG chapter and to the
    national office for their recognition of the importance of undergraduate geology education.
  • Our seismic station on the Temple Ambler campus recorded the signal from the March 11, 2011 Japan earthquake.
  • The Fall 2011 field trip was to Ricketts Glen State Park, organized by the Geoclub and alumni.
  • We had ANOTHER college teaching award winner Fall 2011: Dr Jon Nyquist won the Dean's Award for teaching.

NEWS: 2010

  • We had two college teaching award winners Fall 2010: Dr Dennis Terry won the Italia-Eire Foundation Distinguished Teacher of the Year award and graduate student Elizabeth Scroggs won a graduate teaching assistant award. Congratulations!
  • Temple and Lamont Doherty set up a seismic station on the Temple Ambler campus to assist east coast seismic monitoring.
  • Celina and Marina Suarez (former Temple graduate students) have had a newly discovered dinosaur named after them: Geminiraptor suarezarum, or Twin Predatory Thief of the Suarezes. The dinosaur was among a group found at their masters thesis research site in Utah. For more on the story, read the news release from the Utah Bureau of Land Management.
  • The undergraduate field camp fund has been turned into an endowed fund, thanks to the efforts of Gene Ulmer. He recycled metal from old equipment and sold it to create the fund. If you would like to add to the endowment and help undergraduates pay to attend field camp, mention the Gene C. Ulmer Undergraduate Fund when you donate to Temple.