Undergraduate Research

The Department of Geology encourages undergraduate research. Here are examples of recent research projects. Contact a faculty member in your area of interest.

Recent Projects

Student, Year Advisor Project
Melissa 'Enyo' Sherman 2017 B. Kim Abundant aquatic macrophytes in Pennsylvania watersheds and their update of (non)essential elements
Klavdiya Vasylenko 2017 I. Buynevich High-frequency real-time georadar imaging of bioturbation
Gabriella Perry 2017 I. Buynevich Magnetic susceptibility and granulometry of a riparian Paleoindian site, New Jersey
Leah Wenhold 2017 I. Buynevich Paleogeographic context of a late Pleistocene-Holocene floodpain occupation sites
Sophie Silver 2017 A. Davatzes Heavy minerals in meteorite impact layers from South Africa and Australia
Kassandra Combs 2017 I. Buynevich Biogeomorphic effects of semi-fossorial mammals on fluvial bluffs and terraces
Lulu Peach 2017 A. Tumarkin-Deratzian Vertebrate microfossil recovery from anthill sediments, Lance Formation, Park County, Wyoming, USA
Tyler Forst 2017 I. Buynevich Paleocichnology of lacustrine vertebrate traces, Lockatong Fm (Triassic)
Scott Berry 2017 I. Buynevich Biogeomorphic agents along a small forested creek
Tyler Wong 2017 Nyquist & Toran Mapping infiltration using geophysics: controlled experiments in an urban setting
Trevor Murray 2017 Toran Understanding groundwater-surface water interaction in an urban stream
Arneita Carroll 2017 Toran Exploring karst flow paths through spring discharge chemistry
Hayley Dashnawn 2017 Toran Nutrients in urban stream sediments
Rebecca Feldman 2017 A. Davatzes Trace element geochemistry of shocked rutile, Western Australia
Jessica McLaughlin 2016 A. Davatzes Investigation of Martian craters in the Isidis basin region
Paul O'Neill 2016 Nyquist & Toran Infiltration mapping using geophysics
Marley Chertov 2016 Toran Impact of tributaries and WWTPs on water quality in an urban stream
Rachel Crowley 2016 Toran Monitoring temperature variations and ion ratios in karst springs
Jonathan Brennan 2016 Steven Chemtob Effect of fluoride on basalt dissolution rates and alteration chemistry
Ariana Miranda 2016 Allison Tumarkin-Deraztzian Vertebrate microfossils of the late Cretaceous Lance Formation of Montana
Kelly Hayes 2016 Bojeong Kim Th effect of alumina nanoparticles upon plant stress repsonses
Chris Richardson 2015 Alexandra Davatzes Organic matter in Precambrian impacts
Gabriela Leyton-Nolan 2015 Ilya Buynevich Predation effects on oichnus traces on extant naticids along the NE coast
Chris Conwell 2015 David Grandstaff and Ilya Buynevich Origin of geochemical anomalies and coloration in relect Atlantic oyster shells
Stuart Olshevski 2015 Sujith Ravi Particulate emissions from biochar-amended soils as a potential health hazard
Kelly Devlin 2015 Laura Toran and Jonathan Nyquist Use and limitations of ground penetrating radar to map infiltration in an uran stormwater basin
Chris Witzigman 2015 Laura Toran Water quality in riparian buffer zones of two urban streams
Ashley Newman 2015 Laura Toran Stormwater monitoring of an infiltration basin on campus
Jessica Welkey 2015 Laura Toran Changes in sediment loading over time on an active military training facility
Jessica McLaughlin 2015 Alexandra Davatzes Geoscience eductation: 3d topographic map visualitzation
Paul Senker 2014 Jonathan Nyquist and Robert Ryan (Civil Engereering) Impact of microtopography on raninfall-runoff modeling
Shelby Guercio 2014 Ilya Buynevich Georadar characterization of turtle nests: paleoichnological and geoforensic applications
Karen Kopcznski 2014 Ilya Buynevich Comparative ichnology of Devonian and Triassic fluvial successions, Pennsylvania
LaMair Johnson 2014 Ilya Buynevich Morphometry of Belichnus, a predatory percussion trace on coastal mollusks
Juan Huertas-Fernandez 2014 Laura Toran and Justin Shi (Computer Science) Development of ScienceTap app for field data recording
Sarah Sakson 2014 Laura Toran Katahdin sheep for vegetative control in a stormwater retention basin
Jennifer Ngo 2014 Bojeong Kim Al2O3 nanoparticles aggregation and stabilization in aqueous environments: the influence of size, pH, the presence of humic acid and clay minerals
Eve Lalor 2014 Dennis Terry and David Grandstaff X-ray fluorescence fingerprinting of vertebrate bone from Badlands National Park, SD
Anthony Cerrutti 2014 Dennis Terry and David Grandstaff Geochemical Fingerprinting of Fossiliferous Deposits in Badlands National Park, SD
Robert Horner 2014 Dennis Terry Geochemistry of burrow fill sediments across the K/Pg boundary of NJ
Viet Nyugen 2013 Laura Toran Monitoring and modeling how urbanization affects stormflow
Heather Rychlak 2013 Ilya Buynevich Georeferencing and GPR analysis of coastal datasets, Exuma & Eleuthera Islands, Bahamas
Matthew Hudson 2013 Ilya Buynevich Wavelet transform applications to georadar images of Holocene gypsum dunes
Zachary Maza 2013 Ilya Buynevich Textural characterization of glauconite-dominated K/T and Holocene successions
Nellie Kollar 2013 Ilya Buynevich Mineralogical and magnetic-susceptibility variations in Hurricane Sandy deposits, NJ
Thao Lai 2013 Alexandra Davatzes Petrographic and SEM analyses of proterozoic impact spherules from the GRÆNSESØ layer, Greenland
Leslee Evertt 2013 Dennis Terry Phytoliths from Oligocene dung balls of South Dakota
Derek Lichtner 2012 Jonathan Nyquist & Laura Toran Geophysical monitoring of soil water infilatration, Shale Hills Observatory
John Ethan Hults 2012 Laura Toran Campus stormwater monitoring
Gary Peltack 2012 Ilya Buynevich Low-field MS and high-frequency GPR imaging of lithological anomalies
Shannon Guffey 2012 Nick Davatzes City Soils Sample Acquisition and Processing
Hunter White 2012 Nick Davatzes Mapping Sand Grain Coordination in Clay-Rich Gouges
Matthew Enos 2012 Alexandra Davatzes XRF of Precambrian impact layers from the Hammersley basin, Western Australia
Chris Monshizadegan 2011 Nick & Alexandra Davatzes In situ chemical analysis of Archean rocks: Terrestrial analog for planetary field studies
Eve Lalor 2011 Alexandra Davatzes Constraining the age of the Athabasca Flow Region on Mars
John Kemmey 2011 Ilya Buynevich Textural contribution of biogenic components to sand fraction within a mesotial lagoon sequence
Justin Anstotz 2011 Jonathan Nyquist Using GIS to support remediation decisions at RCRA sites
Stephanie Price 2011 Allison Tumarkin-Deratzian, Nicholas Davatzes High Resolution Laser Scanning and Quantification of Bone Surface Textures
Kristi Dobra 2011 Ilya Buynevich, Dennis Terry Magnetic susceptibility patterns in the K/Pg boundary glauconite deposits at Inversand, New Jersey: refining the methodology
Marie Dematatis 2011 Ilya Buynevich Event dendrochronology as a record of intense historical storms along Assateague Island, Maryland
Justin Darrow 2011 Ilya Buynevich Traces in dark sand: geophysical analysis of buried vertebrate tracks
Eve Eisemann 2011 Ilya Buynevich Eastern mudsnail (Ilyanassa obsoleta) as a paleoenvironmental and sea-level indicator along the northern Atlantic seaboard
Lauren Kerber 2010 Ilya Buynevich Integrated morphological and subsurface analysis of recent coastal dune migration, equatorial Brazil
Zachary Grimes 2010 Ilya Buynevich Applications of high-frequency GPR imaging to ichnological research
Michael Swyer 2010 Nick Davatzes Triaxial testing of the permeability and friction of natural fault gouges
Emily Morton 2010 Nick Davatzes Analysis of induced seismictiy at the Geysers Geothermal Field